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Me: I think the thing that really freaked me out was watching the local news, and right as they're talking about the tornado warning in our area the cable cuts out.

disgruntledgrrl: Oh yeah! Channel 4! We were watching that too!

Me: And then right of course, right after that is when three tornado sirens around us all kick on, while the light goes from "normal rainy" to "pitch black" in about 2 seconds, and my first thought is "OH FUCK I'VE PLAYED THIS GAME! AAAAGH!"

DG: *cackles* Oh man, total Silent Hill moment right there!

Me: And the thing is, I didn't grab my gun, or the big honkin' crowbar, which proves I have obviously learned NOTHING.

DG: This is true! You obviously need more training in the ways of survival game. Next time we play, you should handle combat and I'll do the puzzles.

Me: Then again, when you grab the weapon is always when Bad Shit goes down, so maybe it was a good thing.

DG: Oooh, point. You didn't want to trigger a cutscene!

Me: Damn right.
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