Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


- Write more strips
- Transfer about 200 more web pages into the new templates
- Do battle with EDS over the Ongoing Epic Database Saga
- Try to schedule new housecleaners for less than an arm and leg
- Contact new credit processing company for widget to install on comic page so I can revamp the store
- Get car inspected one of these days
- Wonder if there is an exhaust leak giving me brain damage or if I really am that tired
- Try and sell batizado tickets
- Try and sell batizado corporate sponsorships
- Figure quarterly state business tax payment
- Call and gripe at pool company that was also been missing for a month yet are somehow trying to bill me for "service" during that time
- Research possibility of returning Roomba for replacement under H-M's "lifetime guarantee"
- Go to martial arts until 9:30ish
- Pick a room to scour once I get home to try and catch up from cleaners flaking on me for ages (been keeping up on the surface stuff, but the deep-cleaning stuff has been sliding due to lack of time)
- Call parents so they don't think I'm dead in a ditch somewhere

If there is any time left before bed:
- Work on filing the mountain of paperwork eating my desk
- Do more crunches & pushups
- Clean another room
- Work on email backlog from hell
- Work on eBaying old/outgrown clothing from the household
- 10 billion other things that aren't even worth remembering since there is no time for them yet
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