Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Okay, the icon's not becaue I'm whining, but because I finally got meself a portable mp3 player. I know, so very up on cutteing-edge tech am I. But I finally caved, mainly because morning radio makes me homicidal, and I am entirely too fickle to be content with one music mix in the same order every day, and I'm not going to be That Guy who plows into a railing because I'm trying to juggle a CD binder at 75MPH. So, eBay ninja skillz were tapped, and I got a 2GB nano on the cheap, along with a car radio adapter from Last night I dropped practically every mp3 I have into it, which took up 1 gig. Glee!

Although I can't pass up the temptation to listen to it at work now. Ahhhhh, indulging my completely schizophrenic musical moods*. It's lovely.

*My most recent songs were Rammstein -> ABBA -> Primus -> Anime Soundtrack -> Gaelic Ballad -> Thrill Kill Kult
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