Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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Dear Amazon Recommendations:

Seriously, either lay off the crack or switch to a better grade. You're going off the deep end these days.

Just because I like The Muppet Show does not mean I want The Chappelle Show, The Bernie Mac Show, or, gods help us all, The Larry Sanders Show.

Just because I loved Soul Kitchen, whose main characters happen to be gay, does not mean I want "hardcore erotic"... er... what would the all-male version of "bodice-rippers" be called? Pantaloon-rippers? I guess that term would be appropriate, since the cover art makes it look like these guys are smuggling badgers in their pants.

And for the love of Pete, since I gave 5 stars to "Vampire Hunter D", you recommend... TOM SAWYER?

I mean it, Amazon. Put DOWN the pipe. Take a deep breath. Okay? Okay.
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