Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


My head feels like it's stuffed full of jell-o and angry bees. I can breathe decently and rarely even sniffle or cough, but I keep doing the flushed/chilled cha cha and everything's all swoopy and swimmy like whoa in a way people would probably pay good money to have chemically induced.

I'm just very very grateful I was already mandated to work from home this week and that I scrambled last week to make sure this week's workload would be light. Any script I attempted to code right now would probably cause the server to turn itself inside-out and then explode. Which could be amusing, but bad for the future paychecks. Hem.

I'm generally happy to be on the decidedly physically comfortable end of the "illness" scale, but frustrated at being so tapioca-brained from it that I can't really write or carry on a comprehensible real-time conversation with anyone who's not on acid. My short-term memory has also fused into a two-dimensional plane, so to speak... if something's happened in the last 2 weeks I can't remember if it was 2 weeks ago or yesterday that it happened. Both disconcerting and annoying. I'm sure there's a time-travel story idea in there somwhere but I'm too grogged-out to fight my way through the cotton wool and get to it yet. Later, hopefully.
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