Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

I like my coworkers.

We're packing up our cubes this week as next week they're tearing down and reconfiguring the cubes and offices on our floor. We have to work from home while they're doing the construction... oh no, Br'er Manager, don't throw me in that thar briar patch.

Me: *pulls reference manual from shelf*

Shelf: BANZAI! DIE, OPPRESSOR PIG-DOG! *domino-collapses and pours books and knick-knacks from both ends*

Me: ACCCK! *tries to simultaneously catch several dozen items falling off both ends of a 6-foot-long shelf*

Me: *fails miserably*

Shelf: HA!

Me: *is standing ankle-deep in detritus, being stared at by entire department, clutching villanous single book in one hand*

Coworker: It would seem that book was the load-bearing boss.

Me: *dies*
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