Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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snarl snarl snarl

Some of the things that have been making me into a snappish antisocial harridan this week. (keep checking back if you want the rage, I'll be updating)

1. What the fuck is this horseshit?! Several of the photos in this set, taken individually, I would be fine with. They're artistically reminiscent of 70's protest photos, I can get behind that. But as a whole, especially with the photos in the front of the set, it's a block of "well, we've already sold that women can't be sexy unless they're starved weak, stuffed with wilicone that will destroy their nervous systems, and strapped into clothing and shoes that make them unable to defend themselves. Let's just go whole hog and pimp the 'smack/rape the stupid b***h, that's what she deserves!' angle!"

2. Woo, yeah, bud. Way to go pimping A. a score difference based on an entirely different set of standards than what you're claiming, and B. That a non-detectible variation is total justification for sexist treatment and pay difference in the workplace. Go you.
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