Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Lists to keep me not crazy

MUST do today:
- Call insurance company and figure out why they are sending half my stuff to the new address but half the stuff to the old one
- Strip, strip, strip, strip, strippitty striiiiiiip, wonderful striiiiip...
- Go to class and avoid killing, spraining, or otherwise breaking self or sit at home with wrenching stomach cramps instead
- Regular maintenance typhoon of dishes, laundry, catbox, etc. to keep house from collapsing into black hole of squalor
- Schedule "lackeys" who make more an hour than I do to come do maintenance on house
- Wrest machete, stepladder, and fifth of whiskey away from J. despite protests that he can %^&@ well do it himself for free
- Drag down & throw out rotting bags of leaves from previous $%^*&^%# lackeys whose "haul-away" policy apparently consists of "shove it under the corner of the wall and hedge around the side where they won't be noticed for 6 months"

Really need to do today:
- Take perfectly-good-but-non-fitting clothes to resale shop, as am never again going to be that thin or that short
- Replace printer cartridge so that the world is no longer a rancid shade of pink
- Clean tub AGAIN as recent cleaning has been undone by a weekend influx of dust, lint, and tiny spiders looking for a lakeside vacation
- Scrub bathroom floor and wash rugs to make sure spiders have not merely beaten a 2 foot retreat from the tub and are planning their next assault

Want to do today, if there's time, or at least sometime this week:
- Hang shelf and decorative lights that are being spectacularly non-decorative lying in a pile on the dining table
- Work on wedding album before an enraged photographer beats me with a lens the size of a kielbasa
- Get face defoliated
- Scan/upload/respond to several weeks' worth of comic emails & fan art
- Order replacement glass for the patio table that did a triple-gainer into the pool last fall have heart attack at how much replacement glass costs
- Bag & box the approximately 12,000 comic books randomly stacked on every available surface
- Skulk in freshly-cleaned tub like zee crocodile
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