Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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Yesterday evening my body seemed to finally run out of fumes upon which to coast, and I was smote down by the invisible hammer of Egads I Feel Like Hell. Still sticking with me today, so I am a shambling, stuffy-nosed, burny-eyed, achey-jointed, fuzzy-brained, zombie-like... thing. With a limited vocabulary and poor retention of grammar. Now I shall lurch around the house, giving the cats a baleful gaze and groaning "Struuuuuunck annnd Whiiiiiiite..."

Did I mention the brain no workee today?

I'm now attempting to pour about 4 liters of caffeinated beverage into myself so that if nothing else, I can be one of those hyperactive "28 Days Later" zombies instead of the sludgy Romero version. Then I might actually get something done around here today. Although I'm not sure if there's some Zombie Code that forbids doing useful things, like cleaning bathrooms. We shall see.
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