Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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"We have a crazy lady on Aisle 3."

Dear Barnes & Noble -

Thank you very much for not having me arrested, committed, or at least ejected from the premises. I realize that a person suddenly bursting into howling laughter so hard that she ends up in a staggering, wheezing, tear-streaked pile hanging onto a shelf is not a usual occurrence for you, especially not in the Self-Help section. I appreciate the concern of your salesperson, and even though she didn't seem to understand what I found so funny when I tried to explain (or at least gasp and point weakly), she did simply accept that Something Was Funny and let me be.

I do apologize for making a scene. But really, I couldn't help it. The irony, idiocy, marketing blind spot, what-have-you, didn't just hit my funny bone but clubbed it like a disgruntled Olympic skater. I just couldn't help it.

All the best,

Tags: humor
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