Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


- Call bank and demand to know WTF happened to my new credit card which is a month overdue in arriving
- Go for a mosey during lunch instead of eating at least get so snowed under by work that I don't eat anything, even if I don't get to get away from my desk for anything longer than a rushed bathroom break
- Figure out some way to work out without using my right arm/shoulder Tonight I am dedicating time to "sustained rhythmic cardio/endurance/speed drill training"... yes, that's a DDR pad. Quit looking at me like that.
- Scripts, scripts, scripts
- Work on templates for second third fourth "job"
- Dishes and laundry and vaccuuming and all that perpetual "house" stuff that is so much faster and easier in The Sims
- Bemoan the fact that my Sims can also hire a maid to clean the place stem to stern every day for only $20, the lucky pixellated bastards
- Console myself with the fact that I do not light myself on fire whilst trying to make Pop-Tarts
- Shop for healthy, easy-to-prepare, and inexpensive meal options
- Also pick up a magic flying unicorn while I'm at it
- Start packaging and shipping shirt orders
- Leave a blue trail of swearing down to the computer store and back as my ink cartridge craps out in the middle of printing postage
- Skulk in tub with book, alligator-style
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