Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


1. Hippo birdie to chaobell, phenomenal artist, comedienne and nerdcore minx; docbrite, brilliant writer, foodie genius, and person who introduced me to the Pimm's Cup, for which I shall always bless her footsteps; and firebain, who is the best friend / adopted-lil'-brother / rennie cousin anyone could ever dream of asking for.

2. (Mode set to exhausted fangirl gabbling): OMG. Frontalot. The place was half-empty. Pure nerdcore rage. Rocked me hard enough to dance on a busted knee. Tie that would put your eye out. Got to chat with him a bit after the show before they headed out, straight to St. Louis, poor bastards. Signed my shirt. Signed my CD. Signed J.'s arm. OMGOMGOMG. Best concert I have been to in YEARS. And that is in spite of the opening act, of whom I shall not yet make mention becuse I have a challenge to meet first, and they're ammo, by god.

3. Today my VP signed up my entire department to volunteer at the Special Olympics. While I'm an overall kinda painfully nice person (or try to be), I do have several large dark & twisted parts that are always battling for air time. (It's been said that I'm essentially the Lancre coven in one head.) So I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed today. Some bits in a "Wow, that's so simultaneously sweet and uplifting and a triumph of human spirit!" way, and some in a "oh holy shit, I am SO getting drunk and laughing about that bit later!" way.

Hey, nobody's perfect.
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