Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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Tao of Do

- Check on jury duty status Free! Free at last! Free from the gnawing fear of Hollywood-esque twist that would land me at the trial of the same guy I helped put away last time, and he would recognize me, and send his twin brother* after me to kill me...

- Finish laundry once and for all

- Trim back Roses of DOOM - Partially done, cleared back one side. Discovered a tiny Japanese maple back there that I'd never even seen previously. It's like, "Dude! Free tree!"

- Clean kitchen before it gains sentience and demands the vote

- Attempt crock pot yumminess, but will settle for edibility, or at least lack of spontaneous combustion

- Purchase mini-shed for storing garden implements of wrath, and some stepping stones to make path to Trin's garden area

- Purchase DVD-RW for gaming implements. Of wrath. Or something.

- Attend office of evil tooth-manglers from the outer dimensions. Writhe under barbed lecture about flossing. Hopefully escape alive.

- If feeling truly masochistic, attempt to get car serviced. Hopefully this will not result in a litter of mopeds.

*Actually, the defendent at the last trial did have a twin brother. I shit you not. When they called him up I started looking around for the reanimated corpse of Alan Funt.
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