Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

*incoherent choking noise*

Okay, for those who don't want spoilers about the end of Dreamfall? Don't click.


That was the biggest, most rampant, bend-over-and-assrape-you, total Empire-Strikes-Back-style BULLSHIT of a NON-ENDING I have EVER seen in a game! I was originally hoping that there'd be a third game because I liked the writing, and it would mean that the franchise would be successful, and not just so that, oh yeah, I COULD GET THE ENDING TO THE SECOND GAME I ALREADY PAID FOR. I am absolutely SCREAMING in fury over here. Oh yes, you wrapped up the single totally uninteresting subplot with Faith. Hooray for you. What about, say, THE FATE OF THE THREE MAIN CHARACTERS WHO YOU LEFT IN LIMBO? The resistance, who was also left in limbo? The skank queen of doom White of the Draik Kin? Limbo. Westhouse (who I think killed the skank ho)? Limbo. Chang who is possibly your mother in a metaphorical or literal sense? Limbo. Benrime the Innkeeper? Limbo. Crow? You see my point here. Pretty much every single character in the game save for ONE has had absolutely no resolution or ending or ANYTHING.* WHAT THE FIGGETY, YO.

I am refraining from wishing screaming death on Ragnar Tornquist simply because that would mean no chance of an ending, ever, instead of "by the way, we decided to make the second game a 10-hour blueball session, but if we sell enough copies we MIGHT be able to afford to finish the series!" After your collosal fuckup with the launch/sales/delivery? Doubtful. I feel like I just got ripped off by a very expensive hooker.

The double irony is that literally at the beginning of the final tower clip, I mentioned to J. "Thank the gods, I thought they were about to end the game, and that would've been complete bullsh-" *credits roll*

*Okay, yes, you also killed Jabba the Creepy Pedophile, points for that, couldn't have happened to a nicer blob-man-thing. But you did so in a way to deliberatey open up yet ANOTHER subplot right before ending the game with, again, no resolution.
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