Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


- I have black cherry vanilla diet coke. Yeah woo!

- While my health is not perfect, I'm healing nicely at the moment, the things I have to deal with are non-fatal and in a worst-case scenario I have to have things removed that I really wasn't planning on using to begin with. So at worst I have inconvenience.

- The responsibilities I have piled up to deal with are all conquerable over time, and most of them don't have a fixed deadline looming over me for once, so I can get to them as time, finances, and health allow.

- Dreamfall is out in 5 days! *boogie*

- Silent Hill movie is out in 9 days! *double boogie*

- Happily married. THAT'S a concept I'm still getting used to.
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