Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Today's entertainment brought to you by the words "sleep" and "dep".

takhisis: well, I went and got a diet coke outta the machine
takhisis: and they've redesigned the label so it's shiny metallic silver instead of grey
takhisis: and has sparklies and crap
takhisis: and my first sleep-depped thought was "Why the fuck does my diet coke have jazz hands?"


jconstantine (referring to a RPG one-shot): I'll pregenerate your characters and histories, customizing them to you as much as I can...

Me: My heavily sleep-depped brain read "pregenerate" as "pregernate", which sounds like the president trying to explain the birds and the bees. And I don't want you doing that to any of my characters.
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