Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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Very very tired and hungry.

It's a bleah, draggy, grey day full of frustration that just begs for comfort food.

I don't have time to go anyplace but the cafeteria downstairs, but all their offerings today are things I'm not allowed to eat, or just aren't worth it. ($3.00 for a bowl of plain raw spinach leaves. Woo.)

The guy in the next cube just sat down at his desk with a very pungent bacon cheeseburger and fries.

I am very proud of my willpower.

Partially because I haven't thrown in the towel and run downstairs to get something unhealthy.

Partially because I haven't simply bludgeoned my coworker to death and stolen his food, either.

It's the little victories.
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