Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Spam o' the day!

Subject: Cigarettes can make you fly.

How m@ny w0nderful things y0u h@ve to g1ve up?
@t least don’t give up the best of them – smoking.
If you are against smoking, just think how many people
have found their lovers just by asking a cigarette.

"Hey, Marlboro Light, can you hook me up with that hottie at the end of the bar?" "Sure, man!"


Subject: you dont know what you are missing....E......

"Am I? Ar you sur? Oh crap! Thy wr tlling th truth! Hlp! Hlp! Snd vowls!"


Subject: save miner lives

"Only YOU can prevent cave-ins!" says Smokey the Bat.
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