Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

  • Mood:

jiggity jig

Home again, home again. Despite small annoyances, I'm clinging fast to the fact that my life is great. I have vacation coming up, I have a great-paying job that taps skills I like using, I have close friends who care about me even when I flip out and act "human", I have spoiled healthy cats who are heartily loved, and my family is getting over obstacles and heading back into the home stretch of health across the board. I have a comic to script, wonderfully twisted stories to write, fantastic books to read, wonderful meals to eat, brilliant people to hang out with, and a psychotic wedding to plan.

I think if I could show my life now to myself 10 years ago, it would greatly lift my spirits instead of sinking them further. And that's a great realization to have. I love you guys, and hope everyone's night gives them exactly what they want.
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