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A shout out.

Pimping this far and wide!

For those who don't know, J.'s work is laying off his entire department at the end of this week thanks to a merger. While job hunting (and right now is the hiring-freeze season before new budgets kick in) while the bills start looming, something occurred: if even a fraction of the FLEM! and Two Lumps readers donated a few dollars apiece, he would be able to work on the strips, novels, etc. full time and this would no longer be a gut-wrenching worry. So from now through the end of December, we're putting out the call.

Full details here

Here's the short version:

- For every $5 you donate, you'll get a signed limited edition print of all the major characters J.'s created (FLEM!, Two Lumps, Bad Dog City, BMF, Angry Patriot Boy, etc.)

- If we hit $3,000, FLEM! with the new Jay series will go to three times a week through the end of February.

- If we hit $6,000, it'll go to five times a week for the same duration.

- If we hit the full goal, it'll go to five times a week at least through June and probably longer, as well as having more time to work on Two Lumps and new projects.

Please note that this is NOT even for me. My job's fine and I'm cool with it. I spend plenty of nights watching J. working on multiple novels and 2 or 3 different webcomics, wishing that I made enough to support us both so he could dedicate all his time to it instead of running himself ragged. And now he's trying, which I think takes cojones of steel (and which I think the same for others who've done it in the past). So I'm doing what I can to help him out and spread the word.

If you can toss in a buck or two, thank you. If you can't afford it, please spread the word on your journal or a favorite message board or wherever you can think of. Even well-wishes are appreciated. Thanks!
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