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Yesterday I managed to be a fairly productive individual. (read: psychotic cleaning flurry of activity) The only thing I managed to fully complete was the laundry, which was rather monumental in itself. But I put large dents in several other projects, including unpacking, sorting, shelving, cleaning, hanging decorations, and generally getting stuff out of boxes/off the floor/out of random piles on counter surfaces and into some official Place Where It Belongs. Like I said, I didn't manage to finish any of the rooms in themselves, but I've reduced each by several layers, at least. ;) Today I feel tired and sore, but marginally accomplished, at least.

Tado Taday (outside of, y'know, actual job duties *dismissive hand wave*):

- Mail out newest toy orders
- Get posters framed for Trin's room (which nearly resulted in me yelling "BUTTPLUG!" at an elderly Asian man, but that's another story)
- Buy diet soda & trash bags (and get looked at strangely by cashier)
- Finish taking out trash (see above. perverts.)
- Bag, board, and box approximately 10 brazillion soldiers comic books
- Flog self to write at least 3 strip scripts. Schnell! Schnell! *whipcrack*
- Mount display shelf for collectible toys so they are not eaten by cats, toddler, Roomba, houseguests, etc.
- Find a place for giant wall mirrors of DOOOOOOOM! (Irony being that there are already so many darn mirrors in this house I have no idea what to do with them)
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