Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

tado taday

- Recharge dead phone
- Buy battery for strange, redundant fire alarm (we have two fire alarms in the closet-sized laundry room, it seems... one hard-wired, one battery powered. I have no idea why.)
- Finish at least one hideous lingering work project** (amidst the myriad normal, logical work projects that I'm already doing)
- Do two more comic scripts
- Drop off recent toy orders at post office
- Put up long-overdue TL fan art
- Send Roomba to battle cat-fur tumbleweeds in living room & master hall
- Rinse out & scrub carboys before they gain sentience and demand bathroom privileges
- Decimate pile of dirty laundry before it also gains sentience and joins El Carboy Revolución
- File away ever-growing mountain range of paperwork on desk. No, really. I mean it. Seriously, this time.
- Brush and treat cats with skin-moisturizing fur-spray
- Bandage self
- Have beer

**Anyone know of a good online Perl/CGI debugger? I don't have shell access on the server I'm running it on, and trying to find one misplaced semicolon in a bajillion lines of code is making my brain turn into tapioca.
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