Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


J. is highly amused by the fact that I still bust out in a Happy Booty Dance(tm) whenever we get donations or fan art. He's semi-used to the whole "being liked" thing. I'm used to the whole wind-beneath-my-wings role... I historically support, fund, and boost people who end up doing something worthwhile. The fact that I'm now a half of a project sets me in a place I'm still not used to. I check the hit logs, because that's what I do. (Check logs, compile data, try to create marketing plans, yadda yadda) And the hits are GREAT, I love seeing where people are linking us, especially LJ entries or other posts where people give an opinion/criticism instead of just a hyperlink (then I know what in particular people like or don't get). But part of my brain always fills in the "yeah, raw numbers, woo. people are probably apssing this in email an people getting it are hitting the link and not liking the comic. It doesn't mean anything. Quit inflating your ego." But when people actually send us money or a personal email or take time to draw fan art? That stomps the FISes right in the teeth. "See?! People think this is FUNNY, and you have NO way to denigrate that. HA HA FRIGGIN HA!"

So I dance. (...and the door jars, and the broom sweeps, and Titty's dead, and Tatty weeps. *ahem* Sorry. Although if anyone gets that without Googling, I'll be amazed.)
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