Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


The last few weeks, months, etc. of my life have been bad in the stress-level sense. I've been pulling into myself more and more, trying to focus on just the most important things being thrown at my head, and praying that everything I've had to let sit while I put on Blinders of Responsibility would be okay until I could take a deep breath and let myself flow outward again.

I was just blessed and honored enough to be part of a wedding of two people I love dearly, and despite chaos, entropy, and Horny Bees(tm), it was incredibly beautiful and as much of a success as I could wish for anyone. Dresses were late, half-made, subject to Murphy's Law on all fronts... and they arrived at the 11th hour and they were beautiful. The year-long-planned mead got delusions of grandeur and attempted to become honey Everclear... it was successfully bitchslapped by tweaking and ended up both palatable and potent enough for nearly everyone to enjoy. Phone death, location contract fuckery, job psychosis, officiants flaking, over-amorous bees, flesh-eating zombie shoes... everything came together and culminated in a kiss that literally brought tears to my eyes. (I hope that didn't get caught on video, I have enough razzing to live through for being dressed Ultimately Girly as it is. ;)

disgruntledgrrl and koed, I wish you all happiness, all blessings, all the grace that life can give. Gods know if anyone is worthy of it, it is the both of you.

My life feels like a golden glow for just being able to see it, much less be a part.
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