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There's not enough time to do all the things you want to do. You're constantly rushing to get to places at an appointed hour or to complete a certain task by a deadline. Part of you hates the regimen of doing the same thing at the same hour every day, and part of you hates living your life by schedules set by other people. In short, Gemini, you have an embattled relationship with time. Can anything be done about it? A little. You're now in a phase when it's possible to make modest progress. To get in the mood, I suggest you conduct a ritual to empower yourself. For instance, you could buy a cheap battery-operated alarm clock, take it into a natural place where the rhythms of nature surround you, and smash the clock with a hammer.

Wow. Thank you, Rob, for making me laugh until my stomach hurt. I so totally needed that this morning. XD
Tags: horoscopes
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