Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Ta doo

- Label & mail 8 toy shipments in trunk
- Settle rent
- Finish major work projects (21 left)
- Finish minor work projects (1 left)
- Write at least 1 script
- Make dinner (mmm, meatloaf) (mr_rubix took this one over, bless him)
- Do labels & postage for at least 10 shipments to go out tomorrow
- Finish up laundry (except for towels used to mop up bubbling swamp)
- Send Roomba into wasteland
- Top up pool so that filtering system stops summoning Elder Gods
- Water front bushes that are in The Patch of Death
- Gather, sort, & file piles of mail all over house before they breed and produce even more bills

This week:
- Answer 2 months' worth of email because I suck
- Bag & box comics before cats eat them/pee on them
- Finish shipping out all domestic toy preorders (International starts next week)
- Contact repairman for front sprinkler system re: Patch of Death
- Contact plumber for foundation leak re: Bubbling Swamp
- Find local maid service with reasonable bimonthly rates before I commit mass murder with a Swiffer
- Get car tuned up
- Get stress-chipped molars fixed
- Get magic anti-horomone shot
- Find new work shoes that are A. not incredibly cheap fake leather, B. not square-toed, C. not spike-heeled, D. not styled after the Barbie Dream Wardrobe, E. actually exist in a size larger than 8, and F. sure, I'd like a pony while I'm at it
- Pull winning lottery ticket out of ass to pay for all of the above
- Actually just stop spending so much on beer & steampunk-smokes
- Dammit.
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