Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

State of de house

Many things were accomplished this weekend. YAY! Unfortunately, still no internet access. If they don't deliver (or at least attempt to) the modem/access info today, I'm going to start haranguing people. I was half-despairing at the beginning of the weekend, just from sheer frustration, overwhelmedness, things apparently being broken that I couldn't afford to fix until next month at least, tons of stuff left to move, etc. Fortunately, between the two of us, we managed to tackle most of them. We are MIGHTY!

Tub overflow drain is now reinforced with a nice double-thickness of screen mesh, so there will be no more uninvited guests.

J. figured out that the psychotically malfunctioning security gate was due to a sensor setting being too far over, and he cracked it open and fixed it within 5 minutes.

I realized that the security gate control housing looked... odd. Then I figured out that the odd bit was actually a completely separate panel, with a timer inside. HA! The puzzle of the non-controllable insane fence lighting is solved!

I found an apparently incomplete/uncovered outlet under the bathroom sink, which made me annoyed at the electricians. Then I found a strange faceplate with on/off and timer buttons. Hmm. *click* "HEY! I FOUND THE MISSING CONTROLS FOR THE TUB JETS!"

I was heading over to tell J. when a thought hit me, and I ended up laughing my ass off so hard I practically had to sit down.
"What's up?"
"All these stupid puzzles making us crazy... attacked by roaches... *hee* We're not just moving in, we're attuning a fucking Manse!"
"*hee hee* Sorry, Exalted joke. Carry on. *hee*"

Unfortunately, the tub panel seems to have no power. There was, however, a trapdoor in the floor of the cabinet that was screwed shut. Aha! I merrily began unscrewing the panel, anticipating some wiring that needed to be reconnected, or a breaker to be flipped. Instead there was... a Hole. Leading down through the foundation. Not a "oh damn, roaches or mice might be able to get in through that" hole, but a "Holt shit, _I_ could fit through that" capital-H Hole.


*starts screwing the panel back on as fast as I can* "Nuh-uh, to hell with that, I've played Silent Hill 4..."

So, yeah. So far the house seems to be trying to be a cross between Exalted, Silent Hill, and Phantasmagoria. Awesome. ;D
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