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Stopped off at the new place to drop off the Offical First Box of Stuff(tm) and just, y'know, roll around on the carpet for a while, giggling like a maniac. The tub and the master closet still give me fits of joy. Also discovered that the last owner had turned off the sprinkler system (which I expected) but while the grass was fine, the flowers in the back were looking a little wilty already from the heat. Whoops... so that's set to run at night, as well as the pool. The previous owner also left contact info for the lawn care and pool maintenance companies he was using, so while it's not a generic "Services" button, it's still pretty awesome. (Lawn care guy is a bit more expensive than the last place, but still do-able every 2-3 weeks.) Still have to figure out what high-speed internet is available there, keeping fingers crossed I can just transfer the DSL. We still haven't finalized a "big push" moving date yet, but will be schlepping over boxes of books and other non-truly-essentials in the meantime.

I have to shop for appliances for the first time in my life. Egads.

In my last house, I only had the time & money to paint the master bedroom, and that was it, everything else was just up to me (and it came with appliances included). All this purchasing and organizing and decorating of home partially tweaks me out, and partially makes me feel like I've just been given my own giant Sims scenario.

I'm loving this. :D

Edit: The house next door has a new swing in the tree in their front yard. A nice, brightly-colored plastic one that wouldn't hold an older kid, but would be perfect for one around 4 or 5. It looks like they have someone from Trin to potentially play with. ROCK!
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