Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

What the hey...

What are 10 Things You'd Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

1. One of the three worst experiences of your life is already over with. If you listen to the rest of these, it'll be the single worst, and you have only better to look forward to from here.
2. Don't date people who try to guilt you into a commitment you're uncomfortable with. It'll only be the first step, trust me.
3. Do your real grieving alone. Grieve and remember with your friends, yes, but for the hardcore stuff, there are people waiting for weakness in places you can't imagine. Guard yourself and stay safe.
4. Go out more. Even if your fears are true and you do somehow act like an ass, the fact that you are SURROUNDED by other people also acting like asses make the chances of anyone even noticing around 1 in 100, and the chances of anyone CARING are far less.
5. Quit saying you'll never live outside of Cali. You will, and you'll love it, and it'll save your damn life. Most of the reasons you're staying for will leave on their own anyway.
6. Keep writing stories. Quit writing poetry. PLEASE, for the love of Polyhymnia.
7. Stay home the night of November 16th, otherwise you're always going to wonder.
8. You actually will finally get boobs, after you don't want them any more.
9. You're going to make friends with people you wouldn't fuckin' BELIEVE.
10. No, you're right, and they're wrong. You didn't "grow out of it".
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