Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
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Today's notes

- Clean ten billion Russian pron/drug/spy/spambots outta the queue for the message board: Check.

- Use patented "she can't really be that calm... she's gonna snap and kill us all!" technique to get billing errors resolved: Check.

- Get to doc's office half an hour early to fill out paperwork: Check.

- Wait patiently in doc's office: Check.

- Catch up on every issue of Newsweek since the Cro-magnon era whilst waiting: Check.

- FINALLY see doc and get new gut-curing-diet list plus supplements: Check.

- Curse the souls of the crack-addled engineers who designed DFW freeways: Check.

- Tiptoe into work all stealth-like: Check.

- Take new supplements with green tea, feel very health-pious: Check.

- Fall out of chair in flailing, gasping fit as supplement releases cloud of OMGWTFOREGANO! around head: Check.

- Frantically brush teeth: Check.

- Twice: Check.

- Resign self to life of smelling like Super Mario's love slave: Check.
Tags: candida, humor
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