Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Actually, just showing off my new "mildly frustrated/grump" icon, created of course from artwork in Dominic Deegan. Good for those days when you just want to shake an admonishing finger and fie on things.

So, a "FIE upon thee!" to:

- Utility companies that don't bother to tell you that your payment didn't arrive until you try to get new service. (You'd think they'd be going "Helloooo? Our money? *tap tap*" I mean, I would.)

- Clients who deliberately wait until 5 minutes before an all-afternoon meeting to make "emergency requests" that have to be live within the next hour.

- The motorcycle cops and the semi-new "near lane" law who combine to cause a MASSIVE traffic snarl right outside my apartment every morning. (Making people not speed is fine. Forcing the entire freeway to go 25 during commute hour makes you a jerkwad.)

- Not being able to teleport myself back to my apartment when I'm energized during the slow periods of the work day so I can get work done, rather than having to do it all when I get home and am utterly drained of all will to do more than schlump.

- Totally psychotic run-on sentences that I am too brain-fried to edit properly.

- Can't sleep, packing will eat me.

Anti-"FIE!"s to:

- Coke Zero. Num.

- Still loving the violet/mahogany in the hair. And the stylist wants to add more soon. :D I'll have Kwannon-hair any time now...

- People still reading & liking the comic. YAY!

- Having a nice, safe, lovely place I can start moving into in *checks* technically 10 hours, 11 minutes, and 32 seconds, but I'll probably just pick up the keys tomorrow. ;)
Tags: humor, thankfuls
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