Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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Deeeeeep breaths.

Okay, first the good news: My "business contact" email account (the one I use for PayPal, etc.) is back up and running, so I'll have info out on ordering Lumps plushies in a few. The bad news? In all the BS and rigamarole regarding said account, it now says I have nothing in my inbox. Which is patent BS, because I have several daily mailing lists that arrive there, if nothing else. So, if you tried to contact me since Wednesday night, the ISP erased it. Please send whatever it was again. *sigh*

Today's just being a big ol' pile of minor-to-middling frustrations of that caliber. I'm reminding myself repeatedly that I am very glad there's nothing majorly bad going down, just a swarm of lesser things, and I'm grateful. But it's like having a pack of ill-tempered Pekingese following you wherever you go, incessantly yapping, nipping at your ankles, peeing on your shoes. Nothing that'll kill you or even hurt you, but after a few hours you reeeeaaaallllly want to just PUNT something.

EDIT: Belay any re-emailing you're doing, it's still hosed. *grumble snarl*
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