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As many people know, we're going to be at A-Kon this June. We're going to be sharing a table space with Randy Milholland and Josh Lesnick, and we're going to be participating in some of the webcomic panels. Upon being informed that we're actually MODERATING the "Marketing Your Webcomic" panel, James let forth a "MWAH HA HAAAAA!" that I haven't heard outside of a Tim Burton movie. I'll be bringing along an "Artist-Be-Good" stick, methinks.

I also saw the listing for the "How to Work in Teams" panel we'll be on, and specifically who we'll be sharing it with. I think my reaction has been summarized in "HABBA-HABBA-HABBA" since yesterday.

I actually jokingly told James previously (after finding out they'd be attending) that if this happened, my brain would probably explode form sheer overwhelmedness. Cue total fangirl meltdown. Seriously. I had a fabulous time at CAPE yesterday (more on that later); but it was tiring as all get-out, and I realized that I don't have the stamina for this sort of thing built up that most of the big names do. And now THIS. Not complaining, NOOOOO no no. No. And no. But I'm definitely feeling kind of... displaced. Like 5 minutes into the panel they're going to barge in and tell me there was a mistake, I'm nobody, I need to leave quietly now without making a scene...

Egads. The chronically-depreciating part of my brain is having a meltdown right now.

Non-Ego: Goodness! We're, ah, actually sort of, ah, kind of...


Non-Ego: kindofsortofnotneccessarilytotallysmalltime.

Ego: I can't heeeeeaaaarrrr youuuuuuuuu!

Non-Ego: Okay! Okay! We're making the biiiiiii...medium-time! Sort of!

Ego: Ahem.

Non-ego: Work with me here! Baby steps!

Ego: Hrmph. For now.
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