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Ah, well.

Didn't take me long to convince the new coworker that I'm a weirdo, either. Today's episode:

Me: *swings by shop downstairs to pick up soda* Oh hey! Anti-stress tea full of healthy deoxidants and stuff! I'll try some!

Me: *happily chugs tea at desk* Hmmm... having a hard time concentrating all of a sudden... *looks at label on empty bottle*

Label: Decaffeinated tea, chamomile, valerian root. Sucka!

Me: OH FUUUuuuurrggzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Time: *passes*

Overhead pipes: *randomly bust out with a cacophonic rumbling groan*

Me: *bolts awake with keyboard-imprint on forehead* OMGWTFGJALLAR-HORN! ARRGH!

Coworker: AGGH! WHAT?!

Overhead pipes: *fall silent, snickering*

Me: Er, sorry. *rubs head* Y'know, Heimdall?

Coworker: o.O

Me: Ragnarok?

Coworker: O.o

Me: nevermind.

I suppose the lessons for today are that 1. I am a big ol' mythology dork, and 2. some part of my subconscious apparently considers me to be somewhat godly, at least.
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