Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Fear Me. No, Over Here. Fear Me. Fear!

I have gotten a Metric Buttload of things done today. Not quite the Cubic Fuckton I was going for, but still a significant number of tasks. I feel somewhat mighty (MIGHTY!), and somewhat silly for being so smug over a collection of petty things. But I realized I was trying to do things in order of overall importance, which left me throwing myself repeatedly at blocked avenues, not making any headway anywhere, and merely beating myself into a depressed stupor. I managed to wake up this morning (after a little-sleep night of stress) with a vague list of "This is what I know I am ABLE to do today" rather than the usual "This is what I HAVE to do right NOW NOW NOW!" A collection of things that were sprinkled all over the importance scale, but ended up fitting together geographically and time-wise.

And this, friends and neighbors, is why my purse is half the weight it was this morning, I am sipping on sugar-free iced green tea in a fit of smug-health-ness, and my brow is a swollen, reddened mass whose radiant glow could guide small planes to safe landing.

Fear my forehead. Seriously.
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