Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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WoW Griping

Well, for those of you not on Deathwing, you may not have heard about this, but we had an Auction House crash on Friday night. As in EVEYTHING GO BYEBYE. If you had anything up on auction? Sayonara, sucker! BALEETED!

The GMs have supposedly got the code fixed, and if anyone lost anything to submit a petition and they can check against previous stored data to reimburse you. YAY, right?

Heh. Just got an email response. They can/will only reimburse if you submit a list of everything you had up for auction and what TIME you created the auction. Like I remember all that? I'd put up like 20 different things over the course of the evening, I can't remember what every one was and at what time. So, my stuff is irretrievably gone. And given the tendency for bugs to pop up on other servers?

I'd just recommend everyone start writing down everything you put up for auction and the date/time, if you don't want to potentially throw it away. *sigh*
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