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Don't place faith in human beings...

So, flemco picked up a used copy of "Butterfly Effect" (mainly because he caught a bit of it over at Greg's and was amazed that Ashton Kucher[sp?] can play a serious role without Keanu Syndrome). I'd never seen it, but as a fan of chaos theory, I'd wanted to but missed it. Anyhoo, we watched it, and it's a very well done movie. It actually addresses paradox & chaos theory WELL, as opposed to, say, "Final Destination". I enjoyed that a lot, as a theory geek. Unfortunately, I immediately thought of two ways the movie could have been improved.

1. The final song? Pshft. They really should've used the one I'm listing as my current music (which I am actually listening to). It's both blatantly thematic and subtly appropriate. The whole message of the movie is even when you do something you think is right, people can go fucking psycho in ways you didn't expect. The other?

2. The DVD had both the theatrical and director's cuts of the ending. In the theatrical ending, Ashton tells the childhood Ceili that he hates her, she runs away in tears, they never become friends, all ends well. In the director's cut, he goes back to the home movie of his birth that his father took, and strangles himself in the womb... thereby becoming a stillbirth, as the fortune teller predicted he should have been.

I half expected that ending from the fortune teller point in the movie*, but with one addition. Her whole schtick was that he shouldn't be alive, should never have been born. But remember, one of the biggest points of the movie was his father (and likely his grandfather) had the same ability to change what happens... my imagined ending only adds MAYBE twenty seconds to the movie.

(Director's ending) Delivery room scene. Mother is in labor. Ashton begins strangling himself with the umbilical cord. Dies. All the flashbacks/forwards of Ceili and her brother turning out okay, college, marriage, happy blah dee blah. Fade to credits. (Director's cut ends)

(My ending) Happy blah dee blah. Fade out. Fade back in to delivery room, where Jason is holding the Mom's hand, looking stricken as she screams in grief over dead baby. He grows solemn, and quietly says, "NO." Room begins juddering to signify memory jump/time change. Fade to credits.

I just think that A. that would've packed a lot more punch (but I'm a twisted wench), and B. would have more fully explained the whole "you're not supposed to be born but you are" angle, while bringing the story full circle. I just can't shake the feeling that I think I outdid them on their own ending with only a few seconds of potential footage.

Ah well. Either way, the movie's damned worth seeing, and I recommend it.

*One thing that's wierding me out since I've seen it... his whole schtick was that he was "wrong" because his mother wasn't supposed to have kids and he had no lifeline. My mother wasn't supposed to have kids and I have THREE lifelines, which isn't supposed to be possible. I've never been to a professional fortune teller, because I really don't believe in it, but I've freaked out the amateur ones I've seen enough that's it's always half-tempting as a semi-sadistic lark. And yes, I have it on both hands, and no, that's not counting my fate line.
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