Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Holiday chaos and whatnot ;)

So, we tore out of the apartment at about 3-ish on Wednesday, giving plenty of time to get to the airport with the snow and resulting psychotic drivers who believe that is it a sign that Og, The Great Sky God is angry, and they must all slam on their brakes and pay cowering homage lest they anger him by driving reasonably.

On the way to the airport, J. got a call on his cell with an emergency from one of his clients, so we ended up stopping off to fix it under the strict measures that we could spend 15 minutes there at the most. At 14 minutes and 30 seconds, he had the problem fixed and we were back on our way. (woot!) Thanks to back roads, made it to the airport in plenty of time, grabbed some food and found out that our flight wasn't delayed since we had to make a layover in Houston, which flew us south out of the path of the storm. Good deal all around. J. had been dropping hints that led me to guess that one of my gifts was a travel pillow, and I turned out to be right. Then, as we were in flight to Houston, he dropped the bomb that he didn't want to be my BF any more.

He handed me a note that told me in no uncertain terms that he was not happy with being my BF and couldn't do this any more. I looked up, stomach somewhere around my left lung, at which point he went on one knee in the aisle of the airplane and presented me with a ring. (I didn't know it was physically possible to kneel in the cramped space of coach class.) After a few moments of my Famous Carp Impression, I said yes and the nearby passengers applauded, shortly followed by the rest of the plane when the captain made an announcement. Someone in first class bought us margaritas. I felt vaguely bludgeoned, in a very good way. :)

The ring was made by czarina69, which makes 2 years in a row now that she and flemco have conspired against me for Xmas gifts. I will have my REVEEEEENGE! (In a good way.) ;) It's white gold in a wide band with a center-set diamond, and three gemstones set off to the side among engraving: moonstone, emerald, and lapis. (Which spells M.E.L.)

I'm... well, floored. As people who have asked me know, I never really expected this to happen, and I made my peace with that. I thought if it DID happen, it'd be in about 5 years after one of us won the lottery or sommat. So now J. and relatives are asking me what we're going to do for the wedding, and I'm replying with an ever-brilliant "Iunnuh?!" I keep trying to wrap my head around it, but my brain keeps treating it in a "Okay, if I win the lottery, the first thing I would buy is..." kind of way. I don't think it's managed to soak in that it's actually HAPPENING and I'm not just idly daydreaming. The only thing we've kinda-sorta decided on is that it will probably be in January 2006. Mainly because, well, I'm an only child, and this is the only time I plan on marrying, and I've always been of the mindset that the only reason to have weddings is for the concept of ceili: big-ass party to celebrate life, death, love, all the things that make the difference between living and being alive. Ceili covers weddings, funerals, births, graduations, you name it... it's not a celebration of an event as much as saying "Look! We're ALIVE and this is a milestone in it, and goddamned but we're happy to be here! DRINKS AND PARTY FOR ALL!"

I believe in that, and so do my folks. So, it'll take a bit to plan, probably 6-9 months to work with relatives and whatnot. 9 months from now puts us in August/September, which is yecch-hot in Dallas. Add in the fact that we'll be moving residences in the spring, and the included suspension-of-other-life-issues it entails, and that puts us at October. Which is disgruntledgrrl and koed's wedding, and we're not going to conflict with THAT. So, November, when everyone is going home for the holidays and stressed and strapped... not good. Then December, which is more of the same, but squared. So, there we are at January. The other convenience is, since we officially started dating in January, that makes remembering things a lot easier as well.

The funny part is, only a week ago I was gushing to J. that disgruntledgrrl had asked me to be a bridesmaid. "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?" he said. "Hey," I said, "I've been a flower girl, now I get to be a bridesmaid, it's a leveling thing!" Little did I know at the time that he was giggling to himself the whole time, as probably was Eileen. Grawr. ;)

At any rate, no, it really hasn't sunk in yet. In a few days I'll probably make a post about "OMG I HAVE TO HIRE A CATERER WTF DOES THAT" kind of thing, but for the moment, I'm groovin'. And getting used to having a... thing, a beautiful thing, on my left hand.
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