Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

To-do-ish List

Just for myself, mostly. Seems the glass guy's supplier can't get him the new window until 2:30, so he'll be here between 3 and 4, unless he manages to browbeat them into supplying him earlier. So, this is me making sure I remember to do stuff later.

- Finish Xmas shopping
- Send wish lists to parents
- Send appropriately edited wish lists to g'parents
- Pry codependent cat off lap
- Schedule car tuneup appt.
- Schedule dental appt.
- Schedule vet aplpprt.
- Pry codependent cat off keyboard
- Send holiday cards under the "New Years is technically a holiday, for that matter so is Valentine's Day" lateness clause
- Clean up paperwork that has been evilly breeding on my desk
- Pry codependent cat off head
- Clean wounds
- Check work email
- Laugh at entitlement asshats who wrote in to complain that Travelocity won't give them tickets from LA to NY for $150 round trip, and their threats to contact the media and their Very Personal Friend (the prior CEO who left over 6 months ago)
- Piddle around in PHP for a while
- Consider force-feeding codependent cat leftover antidepressants
- Get a beer

Edit: Window is fixed! Hooray! Although the would-be burglar also horked the frame and seal a bit, so it doesn't work quite right and I have to take it to the dealership. Boo! But it's good enough so I can go to work tomorrow, Boo! I mean Yay! I think.
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