Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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I had some very strange dreams this morning, involving kittens, giant spiders, plumbing, and the realization that small children are eeeeeevil.

Got up, checked lottery numbers. Still not king. *hmf*

Self-reminder list (edited):

- Do Store Run #1 (art envelopes, cat fud, dish detergent, white-out)
- Screech and rant about fact that everyplace in a 3-mile radius is sold out of envelopes
- Drive to BFE and threaten office supply salesclerk with blunt object
- Receive envelopes
- Get mail
- Package up any more art sales we've gotten payment for (All of them. YAY!)
- Brave the Post Office Holiday Line of DOOOOOM
- Shower off blood
- Do Store Run #2 (beer, peepul fud, etc.)
- Write at least 2 strips
- Set up more art auctions
- Fight with work's POS VPN
- Swear to fong IT dept. until their entrails are their extrails
- Work on finishing PHP holiday card store
- Don cowboy hat
- Herd mountain of laundry into washing machine with lasso and/or pitchfork
- Don fedora
- Drive back attacking wave of paperwork with bullwhip and rogueish 5'o-clock shadow
- Get sued by Lucasarts
- Refrain from continuing on into "Don Ho" jokes that will just get hideous
- Consider eating something
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