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Slight rant

To all the dozens of news resports etc. I've been flooded with today who all have to talk about OMG WEIGHT GAIN: just stuff a sock in it for 24 hours.

YES, T-day in the US is a ridiculous holiday based on rewritten BS masquerading as history and geared towards deliberate overeating in a society that already has an obesity problem. No argument there. However, why weren't you bitching LAST week? Or NEXT week? Why not act like you're actually concerned about this problem of overconsumption year-round? Oh that's right, because that would be dedication. Instead, it's merely become a secondary tradition in the US to weep and wail about how much people overate yesterday and how it's sick and wrong and we are all so much fatter than supermodels and must all starve ourselves now because it's The American Way. I say, fuck a big chunk of that.

Yeah, I ate too fucking much yesterday. I tend to pervert Hallmark holiadys for my own purposes, mainly a good excuse to get out of work and partake in a quadriannual overindulgence with loved ones. Celebration is a part of being alive, and there is a happy grey area between living constantly in a state of self-righteous/paranoid deprivation, and overindulgiung so constantly that you need to build your own vomitorium. It is OKAY to let loose once in a while. The problem in our current society is not the "letting loose" part, it's the "once in a while" part. But that's really an aside.

It's the societal tradition that once you do let loose (however often), you must immediately weep and beat your breast and rend your too-tight garments, because it's expected and is regarded as some kind of penance that "undoes" the damage of daring to eat too much. Calories don't fucking respond to guilt trips. You did the damage, and no amount of feeling guilty about it is going to change that. We can get off our asses, exercise, keep a generally healthy lifestyle the rest of the time (which makes the times of gathering with friends and indulging actually MEAN something more, as well), be healthy people both physically and emotionally. But DOING something about it isn't part of The Tradition; it's only moaning and bewailing our imperfections and swearing never to do it again, at least until the next mandated holiday a month from now. All we're supposed to do is essentially feel guilty and regret sharing a day of indulgence with our loved ones, while feeling fine about sitting in front of the TV and narfing fast food the rest of the year. How back-asswards is that?

I ate too much yesterday during a gathering of friends and loved ones, in celebration of simply all of us being lucky enough to know one another. And I do NOT feel fucking guilty about it. If I someday become some decadent reincarnation of Caligula who overindulges all the damn time, I'll feel crappy about it then. But I refuse to follow a media/society order to regret taking one day out of my stressed, overworked, overplanned life to celebrate with people I love.
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