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Yeah, you got me, har har.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but sometimes Sims 2 just will not load for me. It starts and then hangs. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything running in the background (sometimes it loads fine with things running, sometimes it hangs with nothing, and vice versa). Usually it'll work after I reboot, but sometimes not. At any rate, I went to load it earlier and nothing happened. Ah well, I figured, I'm working on other stuff right now, I'll reboot in a minute. Got busy reading through LJ and paying bills and whatnot and forgot about it. Something like 15 minutes later, I hear a strange ticking noise.

Computer: *tick crackle sput*

Me: o_O *pokes around computer, can't tell if it's coming from the box or the speakers*

Computer: *fzz mrgle pik!*

Me: *turns sound all the way up to check speakers*

Computer: *sprnk fwee mnz*

Me: *leans over monitor into desk cubby to check speaker wires*

Sims 2: *pounces*

Legions of Satan in my Speakers at 20,000 dB: "EA GAMES!"

Me: "AAAAAAAAGH!" *whonks head on underside of cubby*

Computer: "Challenge Everything!" *snicker snicker snicker*

Me: *grumbles, rubs head*
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