Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Welcome Wagon

The biggest shock about time travel was finding out Paradox was a place. Those sci-fi witchdoctors muttering warnings were actually part right. "If you stumble through time, you risk Paradox."

Hell, that tripled consumer interest right there. Entertainment's always better when there's risk of death. But possibly taking the universe with you? People were hawking their kids' organs for slots in the Beta test.

The world was vidscreen-glued as the first volunteer went through. When he popped right back out, we thought it was a bust. But he'd brought back some extinct plant nobody cared about. The line flew, people returning with bet winnings, autographs, good tans.

#502 didn't come back. The computer said he'd never entered at all. Seems he tried sneaking into his childhood bedroom and woke himself up. Paradox.

After discovering what happened, everyone loved it. Self-drive-bys became an Extreme Sport: you misstep, you're erased from existence. Extreme Death. Nobody realized that erasure would've created an even bigger anomaly. The Universe, unlike us, isn't stupid. Matter doesn't have to be destroyed, just transferred to some grey limbo outside Time where it can't cause trouble.

Welcome to Paradox, thrillseeker. I'll introduce you to the rest of the idiots.

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