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I haven't slept well this weekend thanks to over-exercising and sorely horking up the lower half of my body. I've had extreme muscle soreness before, and this is an additional level of unpleasant. Hoping I just gave myself annoyed ligaments or something similarly temporary. But my dreams have been getting progressively more strange, probably because I'm not spending much time in deep sleep. I haven't even been taking any painkillers I could blame the oddness on. But at any rate, if it ever turns out I have some prophetic dream gift, here are the things I learned last night:

Never get married. Ever.

You can always count on titanium_kitty to give a totally honest opinion instead of a BS flattering one.

smappdooda will become reknowned and famous if he stays away from dark-curly-haired women wearing 80's layered sweaters who try to seduce him.

deuce2 and Xris need to stay the hell away from abandoned office buildings around Halloween or we'll all be up to our asses in skinless zombies.

Every clocktower is climbable.

Always carry a pad of paper and a pencil at all times, because when you find someone who can answer an important question, they'll probably only be able to do it in a long, rambling, multi-paragraph riddle. In archaic French. And they can only repeat it twice.

veggiesteph should not trust people wearing harlequin masks.

Always check hotel rooms for previous tenants who crawled under a piece of furniture and slept through their checkout time.
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