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I will admit this has been found in my code comments...

(Board newcomer: CaptainSpacebrain = Austin, current and former programming coworker for most of us. And a spastic crackmonkey. We were discussing "Blackhawk Down" is how this started.)

2002-01-28 @17:07

What happens at the end ?!?!

Does everybody in make believe movie land end up happy ?

Does Leo die ?

Is there a hit song to be found in the soundtrack ?

Ever wonder why I space before punctuation ?

My therapist told me it was because I didn't embrace the truth .

What was my point ?

2002-01-28 @17:41

Man, you drink way too much caffeine. Or you take way too much speed. Oh wait, it's Austin. Maybe both....

2002-01-28 @17:59

It's a combination of acid flashbacks, chocolate covered espresso beans, and Honey Buns.

2002-01-28 @23:03

Sometimes, after a handfull of chocolate covered espresso beans and a few Mountain Dews, I open up notepad on my computer and press one, and only one key on the keyboard while screaming at the top of my lungs ............AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! And I really believe that the harder I push and louder I scream the faster that damn little cursor races across my screen.

2002-01-28 @23:16

I bet his code is littered with that shit.

"What's up with this damn program?"

"I dunno, let's look at Austin's code."

"How the hell did 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' ever compile?"

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