Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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*head asplode*

Something that I really should have known, and probably did in a repressed corner of my brain, but... Johnny Depp is FORTY-FREAKIN-ONE YEARS OLD?! Logically, yes, duh, "Nightmare on Elm Street" came out twenty years ago, I know this. But thanks to good living/genetics/makeup/et cetera, his roles to date have assisted the Eternal-Teeny-Fan Denial Section of my consciousness in its task of stuffing that factoid into a large mental trunk and then sitting on it, giggling and making moony-eyes at the movie screen (no doubt in between popping gum and reading Tiger Beat). It wasn't until someone shoved the actual dates in front of my eyes that reality managed to burst its shackles.

The fact that he's older than I mistakenly thought isn't any kind of issue at all. It's specifically my sudden mental mapping of Yummy Bone-Jumping Thought Focus --> Age 41 --> Parents' close friend who used to babysit me... The resultant emotional reaction is somewhere between "My, that is a tad unsettling", and running around in hysterical circles flapping my arms and screaming "JESUS GOPHERRAPING CHRIST EW EW EW EW!!!"
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