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MOO-HA-HAA! *rubs Evil Udders*

I finally downloaded the demo for Evil Genius last night. Ohhhh, I cannot wait for September 28th now. *whimpers and paws at compuer screen*

The demo itself is actually their Tutorial level, with some of the functionality stripped out (advanced rooms and fixtures, traps, etc.) but the basic plot and feel left intact. The game's largely intuitive if you're a fan of simulation/strategy games, although some points left me stuck for a while until I muddled them out. Interrogation is one that people are having a hard time with. You have to right-click the captured prisoner, left-click the interrogation action icon, then right-click on the interrogation device of choice (mwa ha). The game is mostly set up to right-click on someone/thing to display options, then left-click on the option to select. So a lot of people are left-clicking on the interro. device, which cancels the entire command but doesn't give any indication that it's done so. Then there's the fact that if you let regular enemies get interrogated until their health is 0, they die and your Heat (bad attention) rating goes up. But if you're interrogating an Enemy Who Promotes Plot Points, you have to let their health go below zero before they have any chance of cracking and giving you required information. Like I said, things that make sense from a design-thought standpoint but not a gamer-thought standpoint, IMO.

Good things? Every-frelling-thing-else. The graphics are great, and you have the ability to zoom in close enough to count the bad guys' nose hairs to all the way out and view your entire base like an ant farm. Animations are hilarious, from the "minion training" Hulk-out syndrome, to torturing information out of enemies by doing Michael Jackson impressions. I was giggling like a fiend the entire time, even when frustrated, and I know the full version's going to hook me like a teenager's car door handle in an urban legend.
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