Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

I choose... me!

There's a semi-techno-dance-thing-type song that's been playing on one of our local stations that's very catchy, and I've found it stuck in my head on several different days now. The main problem? It's not in English. (I think it's from India.) So I can't understand most of the lyrics and they don't stick well. The only part I'm left with in memory is a little repeating phonetic bit from the chorus.

I REALLY need to find out what this song is so I can look up the rest of the lyrics. Because I think if I spend much more time wandering around work singing nooba nooba yay, nooba nooba nooba yay to myself, they're going to think I've finally snapped from the stress and now believe I'm some kind of Pokémon.
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