Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Belated update

This last weeked, we flew to Seattle for the wedding of one of my oldest friends. I hadn't seen him or his ex-roomies in years, and it was fabulous (not to mention a beautiful ceremony). I also got to see anyeone, who I haven't gotten to see since college. I wish we could have spent more time there, but due to work and such we had to fly in the morning of the ceremony and out the next day. Ah well.

We did have a couple of hours to kill before the flight (after everyone had left), and ended up hitting a Gameworks that was next to the hotel. I was rather disappointed at the lack of pinball selection (my personal crack). But I noticed they had a bike-racing simulator, complete with pseudo-crotch rocket that you rode on to control it. Woo! Unfortunately, the game was either badly worn or just plain poorly designed. The front end barely moved, while the back flopped over at a moment's notice as well as sliding over a good 6-8 inches. So essentially, in order to lean into a turn, you had to position the bike in a way that would shoot your rear wheel out from under you in real life. Unfortunately, the one thing they DID get approximately right was the weight of the damned thing, so once you laid the thing over-- *cough* excuse me, "turned", it was nearly impossible to get back up. (I suppose the lack of centrifugal forces didn't help either.) I only figured out after I was done that they probably intended people to play with their feet on the ground instead of the pegs, illogical as that seems for a simulator. But the whole unwieldy attempt left me with the feeling like a honeybee with a hideous case of ghetto booty.

"Okay, so you go 2 miles this way, and left and... dammit, that wasn't it, hang on, I'll start over. Two miles and turn and-" *crash* "Ah shit, sorry Harv! Lemme rein in my ass and try again... hey! You drones quit snickering!"
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