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QOTD on the same-sex marriage issue:

"Will activist judges not elected by the American people destroy the institution of marriage, or will the people protect marriage as the best way to raise children? My vote is with the people." -Sen. Bill Frist

Wait... WHAT? >_<

First of all, if "marriage is the best way to raise children", why are you trying to NARROW the limits of marriage, thereby forcing more unmarried families by your own definition? Moral stances aside, proclaiming "I think this needs to be more widespread, so I am restricting it" makes absolutely no sense.

Secondly, since when did the Senate become the definition of "the people"? Is it that representatives elected by an actual constituent vote count get to act on behalf of "the people", but ones that are appointed by elected officials don't get a say? In that case, someone had better have a few words with the President.

And lastly, "My vote is with the people"? Who the hell do you think is trying to get married, gay DOLPHINS?! There is no "the people" in this issue, you twit. We are ALL "the people", the ones on both sides of the issue, AND the judges that you so nicely defined as non-human, there. Don't make me get all "We Are The World" up on ya, pal.
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